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  • HD 200
  • HD 150
  • HD 990 D
  • EP 4
  • HD 200

    These closed-back, circumaural headphones have cups that can be rotated – a practical feature not just for DJs. Thanks to the clever construction, the t.bone HD 200 can be folded completely – ideal for transport! And of course, the 57 mm dynamic drivers produce a staggering sound up to 20 kHz.
  • HD 150
    The headphones specialised for e-drums

    How many headphones do you know that have been designed specifically for e-drummers? Well, this is one! It is closed-back, so you hear that smashing drum sound, not your sticks hitting the pads. The comfortable, circumaural design with ample padding ensures that you can play for hours without ever wanting to stop.
  • HD 990D
    A drummer’s headphone

    Drummers often face a problem when using headphones: They have to really crank them up in order to overpower the drums and cymbals. With the t.bone HD 990D, this problem is a thing of the past: The circumaural cups cover the whole ear and strongly dampen the sound coming from the outside. This makes the 990D the ideal drummer’s companion!
  • EP 4
    Professional in-ears for crystal-clear monitoring

    Our EP 4 in-ear monitors excel on stage, but they’re great for Hi-Fi and sports applications, as well. With their dynamic drivers, they give you a clear and transparent picture of what is happening on stage or in the mix. A lightweight body and several different ear pieces ensure a perfect fit.
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